Tendon boots

Kingsley Tendon Boots®​



The lightweight, thermo-layered and moisture-wicking fabric allows continuous ventilation and prevents the tendons from overheating whilst exercising.​ The boots weigh roughly 200 grams and are low-maintenance; a subtle rinse will do to clean them,​ and given the fact that the signature fabric doesn’t absorb water, the boots dry almost instantly.

Individually moldable​

The thermo layer becomes soft and moldable after being heated with a hair dryer. ​After snug-fitting the tendon boots, they will solidify into the exact shape of the horse’s legs within approximately 20 minutes.​ This molding process can be repeated over time to re-shape them if necessary.​

To wrap or not to wrap​

​Regular boots and bandages can be challenging when it comes to heat build-up, weight, mobility restrictions and fit.​ Because of the thermoregulating, lightweight and moldable nature, Kingsley Tendon Boots® offer maximum protection without the negative impact of said challenges.

Tendon boots

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